The Importance Of Keeping Your Muffler And Exhaust System Healthy in Winter

Your vehicle’s exhaust system may not be the first thing that pops in your head when you think about engine performance or winterizing your car. But it needs to be pretty high on your priority list. Your vehicle’s engine ignites air and fuel to run efficiently. However, most of the gases produced are pollutants and are harmful to the environment. Your vehicle’s exhaust system is designed not only to transport pollutants out of your engine through your muffler but also to help reduce these harmful gases from affecting the environment. Due to these reasons, your exhaust system needs to be ingood condition, especially when temperatures are below average.

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Dual chrome exhaust tailpipes

What do Mufflers Do?

Most vehicle owners are unaware of what mufflers do. A defective muffler can cause excessive noise pollution, decreased fuel efficiency, as well as lowered engine performance. It also has the potential to harm the environment as well as the occupants of the vehicle.

Reduce Engine Noise

Your vehicle’s围巾is ideally a soundproofing device. It directs sound waves produced by your engine through a set of chambers and tubes that are designed to cancel noise for a nice quite engine.


在你的消声器中比噪音消除更多地存在更多。您的发动机的消声器还可用于将燃烧过程中产生的排气烟丝从车辆中的乘员脱离。如果在消声器中存在裂缝或洞,这些有害的烟雾可以找到进入车辆的方式。排气烟雾produced during combustion contain chemicals such as carbon monoxide that are harmful to humans.

为什么我需要照顾我的米吗uffler during winter?


在燃烧过程中发动机中产生的废气组合对您的车辆中的占用者致命。如果通过任何机会,废气和一氧化碳在车内找到了他们的方式,可以检测到挑战,导致嗜睡,损害,甚至死亡。在寒冷的季节,重要的是让您的车辆排气系统由合格检查888亚博VIP for corrosion or damage to identify potential leaks.

Avoid the Possibility of Stalling

During winter, it’s important to always make sure your vehicle is free of ice or snow and debris before running your engine. When temperatures are below zero, there’s always a possibility of ice, debris, or snow getting stuck in your exhaust system. When yourexhaust system没有足够的空间通过尾管离开块,它将开始备份进入车辆的舱室,强迫车辆的乘客在有害的烟雾中呼吸。

How Does Winter Affect my Muffler and Exhaust System?


Typically, the exhaust system of most vehicles is at the bottom of the vehicles close to the rear. During winter, ice chunks, debris, potholes, and large bumps can potentially damage your exhaust system. Therefore, making short, frequent trips during winter is not advisable.

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Extra Time Warming Up

Just like the vehicle owner, during winter, your vehicle takes a little bit longer to warm up than usual. Meaning, the first few minutes are the hardest for your automobile. When it’s cold, and your vehicle doesn’t take enough time to warm up, collected water vapor isn’t able to burn off. Also, salt-sprayed on roads during冬季水可以积聚并腐蚀暴露的部分,导致锈蚀。当天气好转时,建议彻底清洗车辆以摆脱冬季道路污水的这种组合。

Water is Harmful to the Exhaust System

Preventing water contact on your exhaust system is practically impossible. When water and exhaust fumes combine, they form corrosive acids that are potentially dangerous to the metal parts of your exhaust system. It’s very difficult to detect corrosion that leads to exhaust leaks on several parts of your exhaust system; therefore, it’s important to have your vehicle examined by aprofessional和经验丰富的技工。




Decreased Fuel Economy

Most of the time, your vehicle has decreased economy or is running hotter; it could be a sign that your muffler is rusting part. When this happens, your vehicle’s exhaust gases can not escape normally, and your引擎必须更加努力,导致燃油经济性差。

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