Safety Tips for Autumn Driving

It’s hard to believe, but summer is already in its final full month and autumn is on its way. Bring your car to AAMCO Minnesota for a completeVehicle Courtesy Check确保您的汽车已准备好进行季节的变化。看我们的当前specials and coupons.Image - a winding road curves through autumn trees in New England.




Wet conditions

As Autumn settles in, some regions get more frequent or heavy rainfall, as well as the potential for fog and reduced visibility. Avoid deep puddles and high speeds when the conditions are rainy, and always keep plenty of stopping distance between you and the car in front of you.

Headlights help you be seen as well as see. Remember to use your headlights in poor weather. With the lower sun at crowded drive times, turn on your headlights to be seen by other drivers. It could save you from an accident, particularly when crossing or turning at intersections.



Fog can create dangerous driving conditions, becoming so thick that you cannot see beyond the hood of your car, even in daylight. This is obviously dangerous, and even more so if you happen to be caught in fog at night. If you do have some visibility, keep your speed to a minimum, keep your driving lights on, or low beams (never use high beams in fog), and keep plenty of distance between you and the car ahead. Sometimes pulling over and waiting is the best option, but make sure you are sufficiently away from the road and keep your lights on. Breezy or windy mornings tend to be fog free, which brings us to the next element of autumn weather.图象 - 在乡下公路的汽车在晚上在冬天。

Temperature changes

Autumn is a prime time for sudden change in temperature. Frosty and icy conditions can suddenly set in, causing slippery conditions and accidents. The cold weather can also bring other hidden dangers. Variations in temperature cause stress and can wreak havoc on all the systems and materials in your car. Hoses and belts can dry and crack more quickly as temperature fluctuations increase. Even metals and plastics can be affected by the constant expansion and contraction from heating and cooling. Additionally, the up-and-down temperatures can cause your windshield to expand and contract, causing distortion and sometimes cracks in the glass. It’s important to look out for changes in your windshield glass, for even the smallest chip can become a larger crack, spreading into a much bigger issue very easily.


Children are back to school and animals are busy preparing for winter. Look out for them. Slow down, keep an eye out, and be nice. If you drive through wooded or rural areas, be particularly aware of deer and other animals.

In general, autumn means we need to be more careful as drivers – but not because we’re not careful to begin with. As with any season, there are just certain factors that come into play that require our attention and adjustment to our driving styles.

Bring your car toAAMCO for a complete diagnostic确保它安全顺利运行。如果您对汽车的预定维护或任何其他汽车护理和维修主题有疑问,888亚博VIP can help.

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